The Podcasting Phenomenon


A podcast is any kind of digital media (video, audio, text) that is recorded and uploaded and put into a feed. Podcasting, once an unknown mean of spreading information that is know very popular and widely used around the world. It has slowly become recognized as one of the largest forms of distributing audio information. Podcasting is not only for personal use but also corporate.

History of Podcasting:


Adam_Curry_2016Adam Curry and RSS feed developer, Dave Winer created a 220px-David_Winer_by_Joi_Itointricate form of broadcasting content available through “The Daily Source Code” that was considered to be the first form of podcasting. This was very successful and soon developers were creating their own radio shows and audio podcasts. Although web radio had been available for a decade, the invention of the iPod and MP3 player was opening new doors for online audio.

However, the beginning of the actual term “podcasting” was a synonym for audioblogging created by Ben Hammersley and Dannie Gregoire in 2004. Journalist Ben Hammersley realized that the idea of audio recordings was quite obvious. iPod’s and MP3 players make it simple to share audio and it was easy to create software for cheap. After extensive research, Hammersley came to the conclusion that this was the beginning of something new: giving people the power to listen to what they want, when they want.



Possible means for podcasting:

  • iPod + broadcasting (don’t need an iPod, it was just on Curry’s mind when creatingipod
  • pod (capsule) + casting (broadcasting)
  • POD (portable on demand) +casting
  • POD (personal option digital) + casting (by doc searls, linux journal editor)(also for many apple computers… creative, etc)
  • Blogcasting (by microsoft to change that ipod involvement)

Benefits of podcasting

Podcasting is considered a medium with many benefits for personal bloggers as well as corporate companies. It allows you the benefit to expand your brand, spread valuable ideas and provide entertainment. It gives companies the benefit of saving money on advertising dollars while attaining more sales. It opens the market for informing new customers and reach out to audio learners vs visual learners.

Overall benefits include easy accessibility, portability, it is relatively cheap, anyone can listen to a podcast and anyone can become a podcaster.


Useful apps/ tools for podcasting:


Soundcloud is an audio platform that allows users to create and share sound. The audio can be private or public and can be easily published to blogs, social media sites and corporate websites. Users are allowed to share audio directly to Twitter, Facebook and many other social network sites.



Audcacity is a free multi track audio editor and recorder. It is free, easy to use and offers free tools that allow users to mix and move around sounds. Some features include: changing speed/pitch, a podcasting forum and is available for mac and windows.


Ecamm Call Recorder:

Ecamm is a call recording tool that records audio and video calls on Facetime or Skype. Although it is $30, it includes high-quality HD recording, easy conversion to MP3 files and allows users to split tracks after a call. This tool is awesome when conducting interviews!


GarageBand is a completely full feature app to record, edit and save podcast audio. If you own an Apple product, GarageBand is fully included. Users can create and mix up to 255 audio tracks as well as many instruments.



Podcasts can be anything you want them to be, that is the beauty of them. There are no rules and you can talk about whatever you want. I have attached a podcast interview of a friend I met while in Barcelona on her study abroad experience as an example of a podcast!

Ana López on Digital Marketing

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.42.10 PM

Our class had the pleasure of listening to Ana López, previous head of Digital Marketing for Estrella Damm, speak about her experience and involvement in the journalism field. Through her involvement working with Estrella Damm, it was interesting to learn a little bit more about what goes into digital marketing, advertising campaigns, promoting brand awareness and market analysis of social trends.

Ana López attended school at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona where she had aurl double bachelor degree in journalism as well as social and cultural anthropology. She then received her masters degree in communications and advertising management at ESIC: Business & Marketing School in Madrid where she learned how to use digital marketing to attract the right target market when promoting a product. During this time she worked as an account director at Marco de Comunicacion. After graduating, she began working as a Brand Manager and later as the Head of Digital Marketing at Estrella Damm in Barcelona.

Estrella-DammEstrella Damm is one of Barcelona’s oldest brands and also a major part of the culture. It is a lager beer brewed in Barcelona and is now available in many different countries around the world. When López began working there, the company did not have much knowledge on the concept of digital marketing as it was just really taking off. She expressed when speaking with us that she was alone, she had no digital marketing department or digital team. López and her team focused on launching advertising campaigns, public relations and media planning. They also completely took over the companies Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and most importantly their Youtube channel.

The same year López starting working for Estrella Damm, they launched a 3 minute music video/commercial. The video was of a Swedish group that no one in Spain had heard of. In just one summer they reached over 2.5 million views on Youtube which resulted in the song being the most downloaded song of the summer in Spain. The video was filmed in Formentera, Spain which became the destination of the year. This advertising campaign increased their brand awareness by 225%.

Over the next couple of years, Estrella Damm focused on their social media presence,awareness
launched smaller campaigns and maintained relationships with key partners. They wanted to collaborate with these partners to grow digitally and expand brand awareness.

Estrella Damm has a different advertising approach as most companies. “Good things never end, there is always something to remind you” is the motto behind most of their campaigns. Spaniards are known for being relaxed so they do not focus on the beer itself but rather the good times that surround the beer and the Mediterranean ways of life. Their Instagram account is a perfect example of their marketing strategy. Right now, landscape photography is a huge social media trend. The goal is to blend in with social media trends as much as possible. Estrella Damm prides itself in being a Mediterranean beer, so instead of having photos of the same old beer bottle on the account, they have put their focus on photos from all around the Mediterranean Sea.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 5.20.40 PM.png

After years of expanding, campaigning and focusing on digital trends, Estrella Damm had another record breaking video campaign in 2015. The video was a 10 minute short film featuring the famous actress, Dakota Johnson. The video quickly reached 5 million views and was awarded as the best campaign in Spain by Youtube. The campaign increased brand awareness in Spain by 5% which is crazy considering how popular the beer already was. Because of this campaign, they received awareness from all around the world including 30% increase in the UK.

Many things were learned from this class discussion.

  • Communication between the brand and the consumer has completely changed. Because technology and social media have evolved so much in the past couple years, there are many different ways for a brand to create awareness.
  • It is important to match the way you promote to the interest of the target audience. (i.e. using landscape photos on Instagram)
  • Analyzing the target audience (or place) is necessary. It is important to focus on the motivations and demographics of the area.
  • Make messages short, sweet and clear. This way, people will remember the little things without overanalyzing.
  • Companies need to start using technology and social media to digitalize their advertisements and campaigns because of how far they can reach audiences.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 8.55.16 PM




Word of mouth marketing was once as simple as it sounds: she liked the product, she told her 2 friends then they told 2 friends and so on. But now, word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is a much different concept. Social media has completely taken this term to another level. Everyday, consumers use WOMM without even knowing it! Here is some more information on WOMM:

Why should marketers use word of mouth marketing?

WOMM is the staple of all marketing tools. It is easily the most effective as it is reported 92% of consumers trust their friends and family when purchasing a product over an advertising. The main goal of WOMM is to make your customers so happy that they promote you (without you asking them to) to their friends so that your business grows. WOMM is essentially using happy costumers to promote your business. The best part about word of mouth marketing is that it is letting the customers do the work, without them even knowing.

How to use WOMM?

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most powerful social media tools, as people all around the word, at any age will be using this platform. When someone posts positive feedback about your product, it will likely get shares or likes resulting in the product spreading like wildfire.

Amazon: when a customer purchases your product on Amazon, they typically write a review. When customers see consistently positive reviews, they are more likely to invest in the product. If you have a fantastic product- this should be easy.

Trip Advisor/ Yelp: While being abroad, these are two of the most useful tools when reviewing a business. When I am on trips, all I have to do is search for restaurants near me and the best reviewed restaurants will show up. It is simple for me to look at photos of the food, comments on the overall vibe and long reviews. This will allow me to easily decide on a restaurant near me.

Ways to have perfect word of mouth marketing:

  • Customer Service

When a customer is purchasing a product, they expect to be treated nicely. Customer service is one of the most important tools as it is usually the only form of contact someone has with a company. If someone calls your service line and is treated poorly, they are likely to complain to their friends about it. For example: I have tried to call my phone provider many times to fix something, but the customer service is so poor that I had to tweet at them. I even got a couple of retweets which looks awful on a company.1cs

  • Create a good name:

Customers prefer businesses that are trustworthy and honest. If you are respectful and loyal to your customers, they are likely to come back.

  • The 3 E’s
  1. Engage: Listen to your customers, converse with them. The easiest way to do this is through social media. Twitter is probably the easiest way to converse with customer’s as it is quick and easy. @JetBlue is one of the most engaging brands on Twitter. You are likely to receive a response from them very quickly.jetblue-twitter-page
  2. Equip: Provide your customers with what they want and need. Simple: amazing service, better customer service, ability to answer questions, knowledge on the product, refunds or easy exchanges. When you provide customers with these things, they are likely to refer you to a friend.
  3. Empower: Give customers the ability to share their experience with you. Listen to their questions and concerns and allow them to share opinions. When you learn these things, you can use them to create a better business.

Overall, WOMM is the best marketing tool as it is free, easy and customers do the work for you, without even knowing it!

Valentí Santjuan


Santjuan is a journalist who has used his passion, strength and determination to compete in many strenuous events. He started off running marathons and almost a dozen ironmans (which consist of a 3.86 km swim, 180.25 km bike ride and a 42.20 km run… without a break). But most impressively, completing to Ultramans which is a 3 day endurance challenge composed of a 10 km swim through the ocean, 145 km bike ride (I’m not talking a flat bike ride through a city, they endure climbs of up to 6,000 feet) on day 1, a 276 km bike ride climbing up to 4,000 feet on day 2 and ending with a casual 84 km DOUBLE marathon (because why stop at just one?). When hearing about Valentí Santjuan, I was expecting a bland journalist, not someone so strong, driven, inspiring and passionate about his life and past times even when enduring many hardships along the way.

While Valentí was conquering the world with his strength, he was also running a Youtube channel. Many years ago, Valentí started working in the journalism field. He quickly realized that he was not a huge fan of having bosses and coworkers tell him what to do. He also went through a difficult time ending a long relationship and sadly losing his mom in the process. He realized life is short and this is when he started up a Youtube channel with videos including talk shows and interviews.

Valentí has a couple different Youtube channels based on what the audience is maxresdefaultinterested in. One is radio/talk show style and another  focusing on sports. He explained that is important to make content for everyone or the amount of viewers/ subscribers will be limited. Combined with multiple channels, he has more than 100,000 subscribers and millions of views. His Youtube channels have helped him grow into a popular social media presence.

dddddddThe cool thing about what Valentí does is that he does not have one specific boss. As mentioned in our class he has multiple bosses: his audience, the brands he promotes, his Youtube channel and most importantly himself. His audience is what keeps his channel going, essentially they are the reason his Youtube channel is considered his job. He stated that “without his viewers, he would be nothing.” Second, sponsors request that he incorporate and promote their brand into his Youtube videos or social media platforms. They will pay him for each las-cosas-importantes-deben-entrar-listas_media_1-1441653414395advertisement resulting in lots of money made. Youtube is another one of his bosses in the sense that they control what he can and cannot post. Without the help of Youtube, he would not have viewers. Lastly, he is lucky enough to call himself his main boss. He is in charge of what he wants to promote and post as well as what he does to reach the level he has reached.

While Valentí considers himself a journalist, he also is a Youtuber, a brand, a producer, an entrepreneur, an athlete and an inspiration to people all over the world.

Citizen Journalism in Syria


A citizen journalist is defined as ‘a citizen or group of citizens with an active role in different processes: picking up news, analysis and spread news and information.’ Citizen journalism only requires a recording device, a notebook and a desire to gather information so it is easy for anyone to become a citizen journalist no matter the situation. It is very controversial as many people, especially journalists, do not agree with the term.

However, the situation in Syria has caused news sources to stay away from sending AP-Foley-Manu Braboreporters to the area and has required them to rely heavily on the use of citizen journalism. Since the beginning of the war in 2011 over 450,000 deaths have occurred in Syria. Dozens of those deaths have been journalists and reporters from around the world. Because of the constant violence, bombings and mistreatment of people it has made it nearly impossible for journalists to safely travel to Syria. There have even been reports of ISIS targeting journalists and kidnapping or killing them. This has required news sources gather information in a safer, more interactive way.

rami_jarrahCitizen journalists are definitely essential in Syria right now. They are a key source for live and on the ground perspectives that international news media outlets are unable to do. Although they have to be careful about what they say and which side they take, they typically just report what is going on around them every single day.

While it may be safer for Americans to rely on these journalists however, the citizen 140956933_3448b081b8_zjournalists in Syria are risking their lives every single day to crucially report on the awful situation in Syria, specifically Aleppo. They are risking their lives every single day to shed light on the current state of the country. No, they are not trying to take jobs (mots of these citizen journalist’s in the riskiest areas are not even getting paid) or reduce the level of information released, they are simply trying to lower the risk of putting American journalists on the ground in such dangerous conditions.

A woman pushes a baby stroller as she rushes away after what activists said were airstrikes by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad on a busy marketplace in the Douma neighborhood of Damascus, SyriaAfter further research, it seems that female citizen journalists seem to have the hardest time in these circumstances. Women are not allowed to simply roam around Syria without a male guardian. This reduces the amount of journalists on the grounds greatly because being a woman in Syria is hard enough, let alone traveling alone gather, recording and reporting difficult and controversial information.